12 New Handguns for 2017

What if you could design and produce your handgun anyway you desired, with any features and characteristics, without a price parameter? With any specifications? With any capacity? With any caliber? With any weight? With any barrel length and any overall length? What would you include on your special handgun? Would you want it to have:

  • Fully Ambidextrous controls?
  • Aggressive Grip Texturing?
  • An Oversize Beavertail?
  • Fiber Optic Front Sights?
  • Scalloping on the Top of the Slide?
  • Packmayr Grips?
  • Cocking “Ears” to help you Rack and Cock the Slide?
  • A Capacity from 6 to 17 Rounds?
  • A Barrel Length between 3″ and 4.25″?
  • An Overall Length between 5.4″ and 7.55″?
  • A Weight between 10 ounces and 28.6 ounces?
  • A Contoured Bobtail Butt for Better Concealment?
  • A .380 ACP. 9mm, or .45 ACP Caliber?

Well there are 12 new individual handguns for 2017 that collectively and exactly meet all of the above characteristics, specs, and features. Probably the gun you want for yourself is already available. But it may not have all or a lot of the above characteristics and features in one single gun or at your desired price. But 12 manufacturers have incorporated the above characteristics and features in their several new guns for 2017.

Recall of Popular Carry Pistols - Ruger & Walther

Both the Ruger LCP and the Walther CCP have a recall alert. Please check your pistol's serial number to verify if it needs to be sent back to the factory for service.

Ruger LCP

In 2008, Ruger received a small number of reports from the field indicating that LCP® pistols could discharge when dropped onto a hard surface with a round in the chamber. Ruger is retrofitting all older LCP® Pistols. The retrofit involves installation of an upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge to the customer.

How to determine if your pistol needs the retrofit:

All LCP® pistols with serial number prefix "371" and higher (371-xxxxx) have been manufactured with the new hammer mechanism and are NOT affected by the recall and DO NOT need to be returned. If your LCP® has a serial number prefix "370," (see Figure 1) you will need to check the flat portion of the slot just behind and below the hammer for the diamond mark shown in Figure 2. LCPs marked with the diamond have had the new hammer mechanism installed and DO NOT need to be returned. If your LCP® has the "370" serial number prefix and DOES NOT HAVE the diamond mark, you should have your LCP® retrofitted with the upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge.

Walther CCP

Walther Arms has identified a potential condition in Walther CCP pistols that could potentially cause it to discharge if dropped whether the manual safety is engaged (on) or disengaged (off). The safety of our customers is our paramount concern so we have voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a drop-fire occurring.

Please do not load or fire your Walther CCP pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge.

If your pistol has already been upgraded, there will be a dot milled onto the back side of the magazine opening.  

The upgrade will be done at no charge to you.  For free shipping, please enter your information here, and complete the online form, making sure to include the serial number.  After completion of the form a confirmation email will be sent including shipping information.

Please note:  The serial number is located on the right side of the pistol (circled in red below)

10 Things to Consider Before Investing in Concealed Carry

Carrying a gun is a personal decision that requires a great deal of careful consideration. Protecting yourself and your family is an amazing privilege we have as citizens of the United States. If you do choose to observe this right, here are several things you should consider before purchasing your firearm.

  1. Get comfortable – Deciding to carry a concealed weapon should not be taken lightly. If you plan to carry, get comfortable with doing so and do it regularly to ensure you are calm and prepared in any situation.
  2. Be prepared– Know the power of the weapon and educate yourself on how to use it properly. Most importantly, be aware of when and when not to use it
  3. Don’t misuse – Be sensible with a firearm and respect the power it has. If you cannot handle a gun responsibly, do not own one.
  4. License yourself – Do not carry a gun unless you have the proper concealed carry permit.
  5. Know how to use a gun – If you are going to carry a gun, you must have the proper education and training to use it correctly. Thorough knowledge on how and when to use a gun is imperative to ensure safe handling habits. 
  6. Keep it concealed – Concealed carry means just that. Do not carry a gun if your intention is to show it off or flaunt excess power.
  7. Know firearms – Take the time to properly educate yourself on a variety of firearms and understand their unique uses. 
  8. Know the law – Concealed carry laws vary from state to state. It is your responsibility to know the laws ahead of time if you are traveling and plan to carry a firearm.
  9. Be sure your sidearm fits your needs – The purpose of concealed carry is protection. Be sure your particular firearm choice is sufficient.
  10. Use your brain – A gun is a powerful and deadly weapon that carries with it an immense level of responsibility.  Think carefully when carrying and always use common sense.

At Northern Illinois Carry, LLC, we offer firearm training to help you feel at ease with your weapon. In addition to concealed carry courses, we also offer classes for women to increase their knowledge and comfort level with handguns. Contact us today to learn more or register for one of our classes. 

Women's only Handgun Introduction Course on June 20th

See what works best for you! Come on out to our first Women's only handgun course. We'll introduce you to a variety of handguns to see what works best for you. We start the morning off with firearm's safety at 8:00am. We'll cover the basics of safe gun handling, including how to load and unload pistols and revolvers. Then some live fire at our private range in rural Dekalb County Illinois.

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