See what our guests are saying about their time at our courses.

My Dad, Brother, and I took the concealed carry permit renewal class with Dave and Denny. They are extremely professional and had a wealth of knowledge to share. I highly recommend them and plan to take more classes with Northern Illinois Carry. Five stars!
— Cyndie Nelson
Great class. Refresher was everything and more for CCL renewal. Denny and Dave made it interesting and fun. Great video by one of my favorites Massad Ayoob. Excellent job. 5 ⭐️
— Michael J. Stuckert
Dennis was the most knowledgeable gun person I’ve ever met. I thought I knew most everything about handguns, would highly recommend him for your concealed carry needs!
— Steve Trembley
Absolutely the very BEST & ONLY place in all of DeKalb County to get your training and get your permit to carry. Dennis the owner, is kind, patient and professional. He also has years of experience as a police officer, detective and head of investigative units with law enforcement. He has women’s courses too. He cares about each and every person that walks in his doors. Get on down and get the best training you’ll every need at Northern Illinois Carry, LLC.
— Sarah Pusey
It was educational and enjoyable, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
— Roger
Took the Women’s Intro Class and the Concealed Carry Class at Northern Illinois Carry with Denny and Dave. They offer excellent training in a comfortable environment. While stressing safety, they keep everything fun. Denny really goes the extra mile to help everyone in any way he can. Whether it’s a shooting issue such as trigger control or grip, gun selection, or just basic knowledge, he is patient and generous with his time.

I am looking forward to more training here!
— Julie Young
I would encourage anybody to take any of these courses
— Dave
Yes, I believe I am ready to carry now.
— Tim
Thank you! Thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us, answering every type of question and being engaging. I learned a LOT in your NRA basics and CCL classes, and I am very confident to protect my wife, kids and myself in the rare event force should be needed. Dave is great and very engaging as well. I’m so very happy to have chosen you guys to get my CCL cert.
— Larry