Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Will I need a FOID (Firearm Owners Identification Card) to take the class?  How about to apply for the license?
A:  You do not need a FOID card to take the class.  You will however need one to apply for the license.  You may apply for a FOID and your conceal
      carry license at the same time online.

Q:  Does the training I receive expire?  How long do I have to apply for my license after taking your class?
A:  Currently there is no expiration on the training certificate you receive.  You could apply for your conceal carry license any time after you take the
      course, and it must be done online.  We will provide you with all the instructions.

Q:  Do I need a firearm for the class?  Do I need a holster?  What if I don't have a gun or a holster?
A:  You do need to qualify, so yes, you will need a firearm.  If you do not have a firearm, you can use one of our S&W M&P .22lr pistols.

Q:  Where is the gun range?  
A:  We utilize private property in the Genoa, Illinois area.  Firearms qualification for the Concealed Carry/Home Defense course will be conducted on the final day of class. Firearms qualification for the Permit renewal class will be conducted the same day following the classroom instruction.

Q:  Is there a test required to complete the course?
A:  There is a 52 question true/false/ multiple choice test but it is not required to pass the course. However. you must attend the required amount of training and pass the range qualification course.

Q:  What exactly does the range qualification consist of?
A:  According to regulatory guidelines, students must score a 70% on a B27 silhouette target (48" x 24" size).  Students must hit the black portion
     (silhouette) of the target while shooting 10 rounds at 5 yards, another 10 rounds at 7 yards, and a final 10 rounds at 10 yards.  So 21 of our 30
     rounds must hit the black portion of the target to successfully pass.  Worried?  Don't be.  We will work with you and haven’t failed a student yet!

Q:  Do you have any other (hidden) fees I need to know about?
A:  Nope!  Not even "range fees" other companies routinely charge.

Q:  What kind of experience do you have teaching this class and firearms in general?
A:  Dennis has 39 years law enforcement experience and training; Dennis and Dave are lifelong shooters and are certified USCCA Instructors, certified Ill. State Police Concealed Carry Instructors and Dennis is a NRA Range Safety Office.

Q:  How much does the conceal carry license cost?  How do I apply?
A:  $150 through the State Police website.  You may apply any time after you take the training class.  We will provide instructions during the class.

Q:  Do you include fingerprinting?
A:  Fingerprinting for students is NOT mandatory, it is optional.  We cannot fingerprint students for the Illinois Conceal Carry License as you must
     be a licensed State Vendor.  We generally do not recommend being fingerprinting for Illinois because it will add about $60-$65 to your cost and
     the only real benefit to being fingerprinted is you supposedly will receive your license 30 days faster than normal (90 days versus 120 days
     allowed).  Generally people have been receiving their licenses within that 90 day window anyway.  However, if students are interested in
    fingerprints, we can refer you to a licensed state vendor for that extra service.

Q:  How do I know you are "qualified" instructors?
A:  Our credentials are listed on the Illinois State Police website, along with a listing of currently revoked instructors!  Visit:

Q:  Will any other state recognize my Illinois Conceal Carry license?
A:  Yes!  Just with your Illinois Concealed Carry license, you may legally carry is these states:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois,
      Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Main, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma,
      South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming